BARMY Tokenomics

BARMY token is the governance token of the BSC Army DAO that grants holders and members special offers and benefits.

Token Specification

  • Name: BARMY token

  • Symbol: $BARMY

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain

  • Spec: BEP-20

  • Smart Contract Address: 0x2C80bC9bFa4EC680EfB949C51806bDDEE5Ac8299

Token Allocation

  • Total Supply: 880,000,000,000. (Details about all the token burns can be found here.)

  • 90% supply release on TGE on LaunchZone

  • 10% supply add liquidity.

  • Timeline: TBA.

Token Features

To prevent the potential token price crash as well as to protect the benefits of the program members and BARMY holders, BSC Army utilizes three major functions which are RFI Static Rewards, Automatic Liquidity Pools, and Meme Bounty.

RFI Static Rewards is a relatively new mechanism in the decentralized market. It encourages people to hold BARMY, because holders will receive more BARMY based on the amount of token in transaction. Basically, the more BARMY one holds, the more BARMY one gets back.

Automatic Liquidity Pools (LP) offers two long-term benefits for BARMY holders.

  • First, it adds token from both sellers and buyers to LP, increasing the liquidity of the token.

  • Second, automatic LP charges a 10% “tax” whenever someone exits the LP and sells their BARMY to prevent the collapse of token price when whales decide to sell. This 10% tax is divided into portions:

    • 4% will be used to add liquidity for BARMY

    • 1% will be shared to the remaining holders

    • 2% will be distributed to staked $BARMY on Launchzone’s PoolX

    • 2% will be burned

    • 1% will be given BSC Army members under BSC Army Marketing Program

BSC Army Marketing Program is a special program that rewards BSC Army members who create content for BSC Army. The 1% of transaction tax is distributed to members as follows:

  • 90% goes to the Quality Content Bounty Program for contributed articles on BARMY Xpress, and digital arts on BARMY Gallery.

  • 10% goes to the Meme Bounty Program. Participants of the Meme Bounty Program use memes to shill BSC on Twitter. Currently, only Twitter users who use memes to shill BSC are eligible for Meme Bounty, those on other social media such as Reddit, Instagram, etc. will be supported later.

NOTE: Only whitelisted accounts can participate in Meme Bounty.

Other than the three aforementioned functions, members can also hold BARMY tokens to join BSC Army private group or stake BARMY to earn airdrop from the project.

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