Meme Bounty Program

Meme Definition

(Full definition and information can be found on the Internet Meme page of Wikipedia)

  • Meme is an idea, behavior, or style that is spread via the Internet, often through social media platforms and especially for humorous purposes

  • There are two central attributes of memes:

    • Creative reproduction of materials, which include parody, remix, or mashup.

    • Intertextuality, which can be understood as combining different contexts and cultures to create new meaning(s) for something.

  • Memes can be created in two ways:

    • Mimicry: recreating the meme in a different fashion to the original

    • Remix: altering the original meme in some way

Meme Bounty Program

Meme Bounty is a special reward for BSC Army members who create contents that show support for Binance, BSC, and CZ. 10% of the BSC Army Marketing Program (equivalent to 0.1% of all transaction tax) goes to participants of the Meme Bounty Program. In other words, content creators who are qualified for the program receive income in the form of $BARMY for promoting Binance, BSC and CZ.

For detailed instructions on how to join the Meme Bounty Program, click here.

For detailed instructions on how to post memes on Twitter and earn $BARMY token, click here.

Eligible Memes for Meme Bounty Program

Memes for the Meme Bounty Program can be in the form of a still image, gif, or video. Whichever type you choose, they have to meet the following requirements:

  • Supporting Binance, Binance Smart Chain, BNB Token, and CZ

  • Not spamming and/or cheating

  • Not offending the public order and morals

  • Not violating laws and regulations

Examples of accepted memes:

  • Mimicry memes:

  • Remix memes:

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