How to Buy $BARMY on Mobile Devices

The tutorial is created with TrustWallet on iPhone. The procedure is the same for different wallets. If you use other devices, you may skip Step 1.
Note: Video instruction can be found here.
Step 1: Open Safari app and enter the following URL: trust://browser_enable
Step 2: Open TrustWallet app and click DApps
Step 3: Select PancakeSwap
Step 4: Click Connect
Step 5: Select TrustWallet
Step 6: Put the token and the amount you want to swap into BARMY in the From box. Then click Select a currency
Step 7: Choose BARMY token
Step 8: To get BARMY smart contract address, go to
Step 9: Copy the smart contract address and paste into PancakeSwap, click Add, and select BARMY
Step 10: Change Slippage Tolerance to 12
Step 11: Click Swap