How to Stake $BARMY to Earn $BARMY on LaunchZone PoolX

$BARMY holders can now stake $BARMY on LaunchZone PoolX and receive more $BARMY. Staking and unstaking $BARMY on LaunchZone PoolX are NOT subject to the 10% transaction tax.

According to $BARMY tokenomics, 2% of all transaction tax will be distributed to those who stake $BARMY on Launchzone’s PoolX.

When you claim your rewarded $BARMY tokens from LaunchZone PoolX, there is a 5% fee charged on the total number of rewarded tokens. The 5% fee will be used to buy back $BSCX from LaunchZone automatically.

This mechanism ensures that

  • There are more financial benefits for $BARMY stakers

  • Inflation does not happen to $BARMY

  • There is no minting of new $BARMY

  • The long-term value of $BARMY is protected

  • $BSCX price is supported

  • BSC Army’s partnership with LaunchZone is strengthened

You can stake $BARMY on LaunchZone PoolX and earn more $BARMY from June 15th, 2021, 23:30 GMT + 8 (HKT).

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