How to Join the Meme Bounty Program for BARMY 10M HODLERS Members

Meme Bounty is a special reward for BSC Army members who create contents that show support for Binance, BSC, and CZ. 10% of the BSC Army Marketing Program (equivalent to 0.1% of all transaction tax) goes to participants of the Meme Bounty Program. In other words, content creators who are qualified for the program receive income in the form of $BARMY for promoting Binance, BSC and CZ.

To register for BSC Army’s Meme Bounty Program, you must first be a member of the BARMY 10M HODLERS Group. For more details about how to join the BARMY 10M HODLERS Group, read here.

You can find the instruction on how to register for our Meme Bounty Program here.

  • For those who want to earn points via text tweets, you must be highly proficient in written English and have extensive knowledge about the crypto market. We will check your past comments and tweets to determine whether you are qualified or not.

  • For those who want to earn points via meme tweets, you have to satisfy both requirements as follows to be eligible:

    • Post a photo that shows your love for Binance and/or BSC in real life, such as having a cup with printed Binance logo, getting a Binance tattoo, kissing your girlfriend's cheek through a Binance sticker, or having Binance decals on your car. We encourage you to let your creative juice flow!


    • Post funny and creative memes that support Binance, BSC, and CZ; and/or reply/quote tweets from our KOLs.

The bounty payment takes place every week on Monday.

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