BSC Army is the first DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for social media industries on BSC, and a community-centered initiative that strives to promote the adoption of BSC and blockchain in general.

1. Promotional Services

BSC Army provides promotional services for other projects on BSC to help them raise awareness and attract users. 20% profits from promotional services will be used to buy back and burn BARMY token.

Status: Released

2. BARMY Xpress

BARMY Xpress is the e-newspaper of BSC Army where the latest news about blockchain projects on BSC is covered. BSC Army team is the editor-in-chief of the Newspaper. Projects that are interested in being featured on BSC Army Newspaper can contact us for more details. All paid articles are paid in $BARMY token, and the writers of such articles are also paid in $BARMY token.

Status: Released

3. DAO Investment

BSC Army will work as a decentralized investment fund for BARMY holders with 2 levels of participation: BARMY holders with more than 10,000,000 BARMY and those with more than 100,000,000 BARMY. Each level of holder will have a different private Telegram group and both have various opportunities to invest in quality projects where BSC Army is also an investor.

Status: Q3 2021

4. NFT Marketplace

NFT Store is where our BSC Army members put the memes they create on sale and trade the memes’ ownership, rating, and/or customers with other members. If a member wants to stop doing business on BSC Army’s NFT Store, he/she can easily transfer or sell the ownership and the whole business relating to the NFTs to other members so they can keep the business going.

Status: Q3 2021

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