How to Deposit $BARMY Token to BSC Army Bot Wallet

This instruction is written with the example of the BARMY 10M HODLERS group, but the process is the same for the BARMY 100M HODLERS group.

How to Calculate Total Deposit Amount Including Fees

You will need at least ~11,280,000 $BARMY to deposit into BSC Army Bot wallet on Telegram to join BARMY 10M HODLERS. The minimum amount of ~11,280,000 $BARMY is broken down into:

  • 10,000,000 $BARMY to join BARMY 10M HODLERS.

  • 10% “tax” on any transaction with $BARMY, which in this case is ~1,128,000 $BARMY. For more details on this tax, click here.

  • About ~150,000 $BARMY of transaction fee (according to current exchange rate of BNB/BARMY). The amount of $BARMY that is deducted for transaction fee is the equivalent of 0.00242 BNB, and the exact amount of $BARMY required depends on the exchange rate at that moment.

Deposit Instructions

Step 1: Open Telegram and go to chat window with the BSC Army Bot (@bscarmybot).

Step 2: Each Telegram user that registers for BSC Army will be assigned a unique wallet address as shown below. To deposit your $BARMY token to BSC Army Bot wallet and join either BARMY HODLERS group, please send your $BARMY token to this address. Please carefully calculate the total amount of token needed for your deposit using the calculation guide above.

Step 3: Your transaction will be completed within a few seconds and you will be notified by the Bot. The transaction hash is also provided.

NOTE: So that your transaction can be processed more smoothly, please make each deposit to BSC Army Bot Wallet at least 500,000 $BARMY. If you do not have the minimum amount, you can buy $BARMY token on PancakeSwap.

$BARMY contract address: 0x2C80bC9bFa4EC680EfB949C51806bDDEE5Ac8299

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