How to Withdraw $BARMY from BSC Army Bot Wallet

Please note that $BARMY transaction fee is fixed at 10% of the transaction value as per our tokenomics.

STEP 1: Open Telegram and go to chat window with the BSC Army Bot (@bscarmybot).

STEP 2: Enter the command /withdraw xxx wallet address.

xxx is the amount of $BARMY you want to withdraw. xxx must be an integer.

wallet address is your preferred BEP-20 address.

Here is an example: /withdraw 500000 0x53eaD9Bee4C8d1B1B60ABd9a912A4c1d142E369D

STEP 3: As illustrated in the example, a transaction ID will be generated after your transaction is submitted.

Now you can check the status your withdrawal using the command /check_withdraw transaction ID.

STEP 4: Your transaction will be completed within a few seconds and you will be notified by the Bot as follows (transaction hash is also provided):

STEP 5: If you want to view the details of this transaction again, simply enter /check_withdraw transaction ID.

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