Terms and Conditions

BSC Army Membership Registration

BSC Army membership registration is done through the BSC Army Bot on Telegram. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Twitter accounts that have good, original content in English, and have more than 100 followers are qualified/whitelisted to participate in this program. The reviewing process will be done manually.

  • After the reviewing process, those that are qualified to earn points via text tweets will be notified of the qualification. Those that are qualified to earn points via memes and picture posts will also be notified accordingly. The points that each qualified account earns are calculated with the same rules (details below), whether that account is qualified to earn points via text posts or meme posts.

  • TikTok accounts and YouTube channels that join BSC Army are required to have a certain number of followers/subscribers beforehand. (The number will be announced later)

  • All members must join our official Telegram group and follow our official Twitter account.

  • Members earn points for interacting with BSC Army’s official Twitters and our list of our Twitter KOLs.

  • The point is only counted if a member likes and replies/retweets BSC Army’s tweets with quality original content.

How to Earn Points

  • Each reply or retweet with 50 characters or more gets 1 point.

  • Each report gets 2 points.

  • Each meme picture or gif gets 3 points.

  • Each meme video longer than 30 seconds gets 4 points.

The reviewing process will be done manually with the assistance of The BSC Army Bot. Those who cheat and spam to get points will be banned for a specific period of time and the earned points will be reset to 0.

Prohibited Actions

BSC Army Members are prohibited from engaging in the following actions:

  • Cheating and/or spamming

  • Offending the public order and morals

  • Violating laws and regulations

We will remove your account from the BSC Army Program if we detect any abnormal activities with your account. All rewards and benefits will be revoked. Please take this program seriously.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and explanation. In the event that any change is made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website and our social media. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any change. Your continued membership following such change will be deemed acceptance of such change.

BSC Army focuses on providing quality features and services to our users and partners. There is only one official Telegram channel, and all other groups are unofficial. If you have any requests and/or complaints, please send them to our Help Center so that they can be handled. Any groups and/or channels not stated above that claim to represent BSC Army are unofficial and do not represent our views or policies. Such groups and channels may contain false or outdated information. We accept no responsibility in connection with any unofficial groups or channels.

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