BSC Army DAO Investment

BSC Army works as a decentralized investment fund for $BARMY holders with 2 levels of participation.

  • BARMY 10M HODLERS: $BARMY holders who have more than 10,000,000 $BARMY can join a Telegram private group that shares IDO slots that BSC Army has invested in.

  • BARMY 100M HODLERS: $BARMY holders who have more than 100,000,000 $BARMY can join a private group that shares the seed round and private round slots of the ICO, IDO, and IEO projects that BSC Army has invested in.

For detailed instructions on how to join these groups, please read here. Please note that you must maintain the minimum balance to stay in the groups. Whenever your account balance falls below the required minimum, you will be automatically removed from the group.

BSC Army will take part in many partnerships and investments that offer tokens for sale at attractive price points for $BARMY holders. While lucrative investment opportunities often require such a huge amount of fund that an average investor cannot handle on their own.

For example, based on the BSCPad rules, users need to hold 75,000 $BSCPAD tokens to guarantee the IDO slot, which amounts to 75,000 USD or more.

Another example, Duck DAO requires users to hold 100,000 $DUCK tokens for guaranteed IDO slots. 100,000 $DUCK tokens are approximately 40,000 USD according to current $DUCK price.

Both of these numbers create an impossible barrier for individual investors. BSC Army will share such investment opportunities with $BARMY holders, so we can all join hands, invest together, and share profits.

To take part in IDO slots that cost tens of thousands of USD, you currently need to pay only about 126.5 USD for 10 million $BARMY in membership fee and purchase the amount of investment platform tokens that you can afford and send them to BSC Army DAO Investment. You can only join IDO slots of the platforms whose tokens you contributed. For example, if you only contribute $BSCPAD tokens, you cannot join Duck DAO’s IDOs shared by BSC Army DAO Investment.

Investors can purchase the amount allotted to them based on the ratio of the investment platform tokens they have contributed. BSC Army will charge a 5% management fee for each purchase. Users can choose to buy or skip IDO slots however they want to. In case there are unsold IDO slots, BSC Army DAO Investment will re-sell them to other members through bidding.

The profit each holder who participates in an investment earns is proportional to the amount of the investment platform tokens they have pooled together.

In case you want to leave BSC Army DAO Investment, we will return the investment platform tokens you have purchased to you.

The process of BSC Army DAO Investment is summarized in the following flow chart:

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